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Hey Guys! We'll be hosting a Civ5 tourney this upcoming Friday (24/3/17) and may follow into Saturday depending on the game. We're going to be using Discord to communicate further about teams, rules, etc.

Join our Discord Server: Discord #civ5 channel.

This contest will be like the Town weekly contest. Only this one is a player/group admission contest event. How the contest will be done:
  • EACH week player(s) can enter ONE build.
  • Build will be /judged on Creativity and Decor
  • Landscaping or Choice of Location
  • Theme
All entrees, must have at least one screen shot posted in this forum and coordinates to their build. Entrees must be submitted by Saturday morning. Before judging has started. Winners will be posted SUNDAY.

ToxarGaming 1st place
PirateofPixels 2nd

Epic_hl 3rd (only because he enter'd late)
You can enter early, the judging will not begin till Saturday.

Can't wait to visit and see your builds!

Every week I visit every town sporadicly and on Saturday afternoon I visit and judge whether each town on the server is actively building and expanding ether its borders or its interior to not only better suite its townies, but to also Wow those other players that find their way to them.
What is judged,

  1. town spawn appearance
  2. paths and town layout
  3. townie homes and active building
  4. Decor and aww Factor
  5. Improvement from Prior week
There are 3 main prizes that I give out each week to the top scoring towns. The top 3 towns that win the week on the contest. can not win again the following week, but will be eligible the week after next.

This week each winner got a skulker box, a gold one for 1st, silver for 2nd and bronze for 3rd. This is what was in each prize this week along with each town winners.

1st Gold Skulker:
  • 26 Gold blocks
  • 20 Diamond blocks
  • 32 Eyes of Ender
  • 1 enderportal
  • 20 sea lanterns
  • 1 cake
  • 64 chiseled stone brick
  • Silk touch diamond pick
  • 64 mossy cobble fence
  • 1 totem of undying
  • 30 mycelium
2nd Silver Skulker:
  • 13 Gold Blocks
  • 15 Diamond Blocks
  • 16 Eyes of Ender
  • 15 sea lanterns
  • 32 chiseled stone brick
  • 32 cookies
  • silk touch...
Hey Guys!

With the rebranding and expansion of our community, our forums have undergone a simplification. This is in an attempt to reduce the clutter and simplify the area's of discussion on the forums as well as make it easier for players to share stuff.

Our new Forum Tree looks like this:

- Announcements:
-> Community (all announcements about community changes, additions, etc will show be posted here by staff)
-> Contests & Events (we'll post all the info about contests and events here, as well as use it to announce contest winners etc.)
- Global:
-> General Discussions (all general talk about video games, the community, player run events, etc goes here)
-> Introductions (want to introduce yourself to the rest of the community, or just welcome other players, go here!)
- Minecraft General:
-> General (all minecraft talk, request for items, buying/selling, sharing screenshots, etc goes here)
-> Town/Nation (want to advertise your nation or town to other players or simply share screenshots etc)
- Space Engineers General:
-> General (any space engineers related talk, don't like meteoroids, want to share your base location, etc)
-> Clans (want to talk about your clan, negotiate alliances, etc, do it...
We're happy to unveil our new logo as well as a series of screenshots taken from the server!

Wide Screen Shots (credits @epic_hl@epic_hl):
Standard Screen Shots (credits @Toxargaming@Toxargaming):

Facebook Group: DreadedGamers | Facebook
Twitter Account: DreadedGamers | Twitter
Facebook Page: DreadedGamers Group | Facebook

As always, Happy Gaming guys!
DGC Staff