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  1. Donators

    Have you donated to the server in the past or just now? Message an Admin on the forums and we'll add it to your profile. For those of you who have one of these medals, Thank you for helping support Dreadcraft! :D

    1. Donate 1

      Donate 15$ to the server.

    2. Donate 2

      Donate 25$ to the server.

    3. Donate 3

      Donate 50$ to the server.

    4. Donate 4

      Donate 100$ to the server.

  2. Special

    These are special medals, normal players can not earn these.

    1. Geek-ster Medal

    2. FTB Infinity: Beta Tester

      This medal is awarded to those few that participated on Dreadcraft FTB Server Closed Beta in June 2015.

  3. Booster Packs

    1. Town Mayor

      Proud Towny user and Mayor (current or former). Your residents refer to you as Lord and you live in a sprawling manor!

    2. Nation King

      Proud Towny user and Nation King (current or former). Your residents refer to you as God Empror and you live in a hilltop castle overlooking your realm!

    3. Up, up, and Away!

      You're one with the Boots. You glide, fly, and float propelled by your fireworks strapped to your feet. Everything looks so small from up here!