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    Feb 20, 2012
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    Hey Guys!

    With the rebranding and expansion of our community, our forums have undergone a simplification. This is in an attempt to reduce the clutter and simplify the area's of discussion on the forums as well as make it easier for players to share stuff.

    Our new Forum Tree looks like this:

    - Announcements:
    -> Community (all announcements about community changes, additions, etc will show be posted here by staff)
    -> Contests & Events (we'll post all the info about contests and events here, as well as use it to announce contest winners etc.)
    - Global:
    -> General Discussions (all general talk about video games, the community, player run events, etc goes here)
    -> Introductions (want to introduce yourself to the rest of the community, or just welcome other players, go here!)
    - Minecraft General:
    -> General (all minecraft talk, request for items, buying/selling, sharing screenshots, etc goes here)
    -> Town/Nation (want to advertise your nation or town to other players or simply share screenshots etc)
    - Space Engineers General:
    -> General (any space engineers related talk, don't like meteoroids, want to share your base location, etc)
    -> Clans (want to talk about your clan, negotiate alliances, etc, do it here)
    - Off-Topic Lounge:
    -> OffTopic Pub (any off topic talk goes here. You want to talk about global warming, the internet, etc)
    -> Creative Corner (you painted something, took some dope pics, or just want to share a poem, do it here!)

    We've made a couple other changes including redesigning our theme, updating the backend, and streamlining our website and info pages.

    All our sites and pages are now served over HTTPS meaning all traffic is encrypted and your connection to our server's is secure. You're password and data is safe.

    You can now also login to the forums using your Discord account and link the two for rank syncing, etc.

    Looking forward to the next steps,

    Thank you!
    Dreaded Gamers Staff.
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    Mar 12, 2017
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